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We were born as a workshop dedicated to the design, planning and construction of spaces. With more than 7 years of experience in the development of all types of projects, we generate innovative architecture of excellent construction quality.

At TAR Arquitectos we seek to permanently renew ourselves and we constantly prepare to offer the best in each of our projects.

Designing and building in TAR is only the beginning, we want our client to be sure that we are the best option, that is why we offer a guarantee on all our executed works, from the foundation to its finishes.

We can easily and successfully integrate into the different work schemes requested by our clients, since the services provided by us range from the precise analysis of spaces and their function to the design of the smallest detail.

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We are an interior design company, committed to customer satisfaction. Offering quality products, with experience as TAR Architects in the total functionality of harmonious spaces, adapting your style to your space.

We develop fully customized designs according to the exact space or the creation of new workspaces, obtaining as a result a unique experience, managing opportunities adaptable to your tastes and needs.


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